OX-Brake - Hydra Brake (LHRB) - KTM 4 Stroke

Reference: OXB-KTM-OHB-304

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The OX-HYDRA BRAKE is an exciting new OX-BRAKE product that gives you full modulation and power! Why use it?

The OX-HYDRA BRAKE is a stand-alone, auxiliary leaver operating the rear wheel brake system. Should this hydraulic system fail for any reason, you still have complete control of your OEM rear brake system as supplied by the Manufacture.

The OX-HYDRA BRAKE comes to you ready to install, “NO BLEEDING required”, because this is done for you before it is shipped.

Installing on a “2 Stroke systems” can be completed in 45 minutes. It is always a good idea to bleed your OEM rear brake system at least twice a riding season and perhaps even more frequently depending on how aggressive you ride. This would be a good time to bleed your rear master cylinder as it can affect the performance of Your LHRB.

Because the OX-HYDRA BRAKE is stand-alone system, the brake fluid does not heat as the rear master cylinder fluid does under heavy use, therefore it will not fade as other systems can.

Your fluid level in OX- HYDRA-BRAKE is not affected due to brake pad wear, again because the fluid in the HYDRA-BRAKE DOES NOT INTEGRATE WITH YOUR BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER.

The Hayes hand lever cylinder allows you to obtain spare parts, should you require them, at or thru most good bicycle shops or online.

Replacement or spare parts for OX-HYDRA-BRAKE, are available from OX-MOTORCYCLE Products, LLC


4 Stroke Models, All, 250-530cc, except FREERIDE, OHB-304