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Rottweiler Performance - Power Plate - KTM 790/890 Adventure

Reference: RP-RIS-790-ADV-PP

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Finally, some simple and solid intake protection for your KTM Adventure 790 from valve destroying dust and debris from the people who know and race this bike.

Installing in about 20-30 minutes, the Rottweiler Performance Power Plate will not only shield your entire intake inlet system with 100% oiled filtration, it will also simultaneously allow your bike to breath better, increasing horsepower as well. A win/win over power robbing foam snorkel inserts that load up with dust so quickly.   

Tool-less construction means that you can change pre-filters easily on the roadside and within a few minutes. You can pre oil and store up to 4 pre-filters per side pod with room to spare for rubber gloves!

Rottweiler Performance has even race tested this part in the 5 day Sonora Rally on our 790 Adventure race bike, changing the pre-filter just once a day. The results were a spotless intake system from start to finish using the stock paper filter. 

Kit comes complete with 3 different density foam inserts for you to choose from. NOTE: Pre filter quantities are 'per Power Plate order quantity', IE; Quantity of 2 Power Plate with an option added of 2 pre filters will be 4 in total.  

RED /YELLOW 40/65 PPI DUAL LAYER:Best in very dusty conditions. This dual layer element has two stages of filtration.

GREY 60 PPI SINGLE LAYER: Solo mission off-road use, not trailing large groups.

RED 40 PPI SINGLE LAYER:Recommended for mostly street use with light off road. An extra layer of protection with the highest flow rate of the three

Additional pre-filters can be purchased HERE. 

As a bonus to our customers, a 100% purchase price credit (excluding taxes and shipping) can be claimed for those who are looking to protect their intake systems with the Power Plate while waiting for our full system air-box that is currently in the works but not quite ready. This is how we reward our loyal customers. If the Rottweiler Performance 790 Adventure Power Plate is purchased directly from Rottweiler Performance, you may apply for a full credit towards our full intake system by either calling in with your original order number, or by entering that order number into the comments when purchasing the full intake system and ask for a refund. Either way, we got you covered! "CREDIT APPLIES TOWARDS 1 POWER PLATE PER CUSTOMER"

MAINTENANCE: The Rottweiler Performance Power Plate has been tested thoroughly in Rally Racing to a high degree of success. See attached video or click here. We would recommend changing the Power Plate filter just once a day for a clean inner air-box. If any fine particles are found, try a different density filter, brand of filter oil, or changing more often. Power Plate filters alone are available for purchase separately and do not come oiled so that you can use your foam filter oil of choice. 

MAPPING: The 790 Adventure Power Plate does not require remapping to run safely. The motorcycle’s ECU will compensate to the small changes in air flow well within safe levels. That being said, mapping, even in stock trim is always recommended for racing environments where a smooth and powerful engine is desired. 


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