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RYAN - Rear Fuel Tank - KTM 790 / 890 Adventure

Reference: RYA-790-RFT

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Pre-order Only (Need 10 units to bring in together)

Seven liters doesn't sound all that much but it is a little over a third of your standard tank meaning it's 35% extra fuel giving you an extra potential 157km 
(based on the advertised fuel range of the 790 Adventure by KTM)

How big should the tank be designed? After our repeated experiments, the size and capacity of 7L are most suitable for the appearance and riding stability of the 790 model, because it is the same size as your left and right guard plates and will not change the riding stability.


Capacity: 7L (Right side :3.5L+Left side:3.5L)   
Colour: White,Black
Weight: 2.5kg


They are very convenient to install, only need to remove the original left and right guard plate, installation hole position is the same as the original

It does not affect the installation of side box


The use of composite fuel tank is our unique patent. These patented technologies have been widely used in motorcycle fuel tank, yacht fuel tank and ATV fuel tank.

In 2009, we began to help OEMs and motorcycle manufacturers design and manufacture fuel tanks. In this regard, we have a lot of patent technology and manufacturing experience.