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Hammerhead - CNC Gear Lever - KTM 950 - 1290 Adventure

Reference: HH-950-1290-GL

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Ergonomics is an essential part of rider confidence and comfort. Professional mechanics take great effort in tailoring their bikes to their riders dimensions. Handlebars, seat height, and levers are common items modified in order to achieve rider happiness. This is where Hammerhead Levers steps in. Hammerhead Levers produce a series of levers for your Husqvarna 701 Enduro and Supermoto that feature a shift lever tip offset that matches the rider's boot size. Each lever is CNC Machined out of a solid chunk of aluminum then anodized black for corrosion resistance and stylish good looks. You have your choice of a Blue Anodized Shift Tip with either Knurled Aluminum or Rubber Boot which is great for commuters or anyone who doesn't need such an aggressive texture contacting your boot. Unlike the stock cast aluminum shift lever, Hammerhead's CNC Aluminum levers can be bent back into place after a tip over. Comfort, Confidence, and Resilience are what you can expect from Hammerhead Shift Levers!


  • Both Lever and Tip are Machined out of a block of Aluminum
  • Stronger and more Resilient than the OEM Shift Lever
  • Tip Offset Designed based on the Rider's Boot Size
  • Anodized for Increased Corrosion Resistance
  • Knurled or Rubber Tip Options
  • Rebuildable