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SubStraight Reinforcing Brace - ADV

Reference: T3C-C001

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Prevention is better than cure! Having this brace fitted to your ADV will give you peace of mind when going on that adventure trip you've been looking forward to!

Don’t submit to a substandard subframe

The SubStraight ADV is a lightweight precision-engineered laser-cut stainless steel bracket. It reinforces vulnerable areas in KTM 950/990 ADV bike subframes against cracks and breakage. If your subframe fails, you will suffer from an expensive and heartbreaking case of adventurus interruptus.

Don't wait till you need to weld

Until now, the fix was to remove the subframe, take it to a welder, get the cracks welded up and some additional tabs, gussets and nubbins added in. Works fine, but costs at least $250, plus it’s a pain in the rear – yours and your bike’s.

And we are talking welding, meaning heat scorching all the protective paint off your beautiful alloy, which needs to be repainted afterward.

Easy-peasy installation

Installation: about 10-15 min, requires basic tools. No need to remove seat! Remove muffler bolts, loosen back plate bolts and slide the SubStraight ADV into place. Replace the old muffler bolts with the supplied bolts and torque to spec.

Note: Because 950/990 ADV subframes were hand-welded, some bikes may have larger welds in the area where the SubStraight ADV bolts into the muffler brackets. We supply extra washers as spacers for use between the SubStraight ADV and the subframe, where the muffler bolts go through, to compensate for the variance. Select the number of washers needed on each side based on your subframe's welds.

SubStraight ADV fits all KTM 950/990 model years.

Engineered & manufactured in North America by TripleClamp Moto Inc.