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Vanasche Motorsports - Billet Machined GPS Mount - 790 Adventure

Reference: VM-KTM-790-GPSA

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Hands down the most rigid setup that mounts directly to the 790's factory GPS location!!

Machined from 6061 alloy aluminum and anodized in your choice of black or orange color. Includes AMPS bolt pattern to securely mount Garmin's Rugged mount for Montana or Trail Tech Dock for Voyager Pro (others may fit as well with AMPS bolt pattern).

The mount holds the GPS at the same viewing angle as the factory TFT display which provides a perfect position whether sitting or standing.

The adjustable windscreen of the 790 can be mounted in both Low and High positions without GPS interference. A small machined pocket allows wiring to pass through the GPS mount base into the headlight assembly for easy termination to the pre-wired accessory power. Grab some Wiring pigtails while your at it to make the job even easier!