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Camel Adv Products - Camel Tank - KTM 1XX0 Adventure

Reference: CAP-CT-1190B

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Easy to install, factory looking fit and convenient. Occupying the unused space between the rear tire and the pannier rack, the Camel Tank keeps the fuel weight low, balances out the weight of you exhaust systems on the opposite side and leaves your rear rack free for a duffle bag or top box.

Add extra range to your KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290 ADV with the auxiliary gas tank from Camel Tank. Whether you need more fuel so you can iron-butt it to your next destination, explore a Backcountry Discovery Route, or simply want peace of mind knowing that you’ve got gas to spare, Camel Tank has you covered!

CT-1X90 Fits With These Pannier Systems

  • Bumot
  • Touratech Zega panniers
  • SW Motech
  • KTM PowerParts (aluminum only)** See notes below!!
  • Holan***


  • Holds 6 litres/1.5 gallons
  • Fuel is automatically transferred from the auxiliary tank to the main tank
  • Keeps fuel weight low and close to the bikes center line
  • Leaves your rear rack free for a top box or duffle bag
  • Includes tethered fuel cap

*We do not recommend the use of soft bags without pannier racks. Unsupported soft bags can put a very large side load on the tank and brackets especially in the event of a bike drop on the left side.

**KTM PowerParts racks require modification to clear tank. The design of these racks changed sometime in 2019 and are no longer compatible even with the modification shown in the video! If you are unsure if your racks are compatible, please contact us BEFORE ordering!

***Holan, spacers and longer bolts required