Scotts Performance - Link Arm Puller

Reference: SP-BRSRP-9007-03

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The Scotts link arm puller makes pulling the link arm from your Scotts stabilizer a breeze. This small but important tool is a great addition to any service shop, mechanic or or home tuner.

Easy to use; first remove the nut, then evenly insert small screws into existing holes in link arm, tighten the 8mm allen bolt with a 6mm allen wrench to remove the link arm. Using the puller tool instead of prying on arm will prevent damage to your Scotts stabilizer.

Note: Rotate the small screws clockwise while keeping the body of the puller parallel to the link arm. Reinstalling the link arm should be performed by a qualified mechanic or service center. When installing the link arm nut apply red Loctite 271 to prevent the nut from coming loose. Do not over-tighten the nut. It only has 3-4 threads.

Easy to use

Prevents damage to damper unit

Made in the U.S.A.