TripleClamp Moto - HDPE Clutch, Stator & Water pump Engine covers - Yamaha Tenere 700

Reference: T3C-YT7-CS

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Tripleclamp Moto has designed HDPE clutch and stator covers to protect your bike from the elements of adventure. A cost effective solution to avoiding mishaps on the trail or road...or a way to refresh the look of scraped and worn engine side covers. These covers bolt right over your engine side cases; nothing to remove and no oil spills. We also produce a cover for the highly exposed water pump.

Kit includes

  • 1 x Stator cover
  • 1 x Clutch cover
  • 1 x Waterpump cover

HDPE (high density polyethylene) is an ideal material for these bolt on covers as it provides impact AND abrasion resistance. Its nature is to provide good strength against sharp and blunt impacts while dispersing the impact energy to help avoid the cast aluminium clutch and stator covers or the fragile water pump from breaking.

Don't confuse these with more expensive but inferior design ABS plastic covers. Our covers are thick and include stainless steel bolt inserts and correct length bolts to ensure a good fit and tight seal; no loose covers and no oil drips. Our competitors don't use these stainless steel inserts and force you to try to torque the bolts into plastic; a recipe for disaster and impossible to achieve the correct bolt torque.

Does not affect the fit of the original plastic clutch cable guard on the Tenere 700. They slips right behind.

Also fits Yamaha MT 07 line of bikes

10 minutes installation time for both sides

We have spent many months of design and real-world testing on these, we are very proud of the outcome. We have sold hundreds of these covers for other bikes over the last two years: everything from casual riders to professional rally and enduro racing teams!

Guaranteed for life and guaranteed to satisfy. Sold as a matching pair, or with the optional water pump for full protection.